Our Program

Our Program consists of three components: The Equestrian, Urban Farming, and Mentor & Team Coach Programs. We offer weekend, after-school, workshop, holiday, and summer sessions. For more information on specific programming and schedules, please explore our website or contact programming@takingthereins.org with any questions

Equestrian Program

In our Equestrian Program we instill the pillars of teamwork, leadership, responsibility, and confidence through not only riding, but also barn and horse care, Equine Science, and team building exercises.

To learn more about our Equestrian Program, please click here.

Urban Farming Program

The Urban Farming Program consists of learning the basics of organic gardening, environmental stewardship, animal husbandry, and nutritious cooking.

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Mentor/Team Coach Program

Taking the Reins encourages and rewards participants who demonstrate extraordinary accomplishments in our four pillars: Responsibility, Confidence, Teamwork, and Leadership.

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