Become a volunteer at Taking the Reins.

Taking the Reins encourages girls in Los Angeles to act boldly, with courage and confidence, through experiences with horses at our urban farm.

TTR was founded in 1998 by two horsewomen who recognized the extraordinary potential of an equine-based, educational program for L.A.’s most under-resourced urban girls.

Taking the Reins survives because of the generosity of people’s time. There are a variety of different ways we utilize our volunteers:

  • Project days: we host project days to help keep our barn and property in top condition

  • Special Events: when we need some extra help setting up, cleaning up and volunteering during the event 

  • Instructor Support: in our after school and weekend programs, we need volunteers to help our teachers attend the needs of our students and make sure they and our horses are safe

  • Individual Skills: we are always interested in individuals volunteering their special skills to help support our organization and Los Angeles girls. 

If you are an adult, 18 years of age or older, or an organization looking for a site to offer your employees a volunteer day, we would love to hear from you! Please contact us at info@takingthereins.org for more information.   

We receive a high frequency of interest regarding our Riding Program.  To volunteer in that specific program, you must have past experience working with horses.  This includes knowledge of haltering, grooming, hand walking, tacking and bathing so that you may assist our students in this area or work independently on non-program days.  We do not need volunteers to ride our horses.