Taking the Reins’ 1st Annual

Horse & Harvest Brew-Off

Minutes from downtown Los Angeles, our nonprofit provides a safe space where girls are encouraged to Take the Reins of their own growth and futures.  Immersed in the natural environment at our two-acre farm and equestrian center, girls learn to be fit and healthy, to build positive relationships and to thrive creatively and academically while experiencing the restorative power of nature. 

The Horse & Harvest Festival is our biggest yearly fundraiser, and we are excited to host our first BJCP Sanctioned & People’s Choice Brew-Off!

Horse and Harvest Brew-Off 2019

Thank you for your interest in Taking the Reins first annual Horse and Harvest Festival Brew-Off!

Please register by filling out the form (link is below). Feel free to email Competition Organizer Bethany Harrington at bethany@takingthereins.org


* BJCP certified Judging will take place during the event.

*  Please plan to bring at least one 5 gallon keg of each of your entries to serve during the Festival. Festival patrons will vote via ticket for their favorite for People’s Choice Award and prizes. BJCP Judging will be blind during the festival. Winners will be announced during the festival after all judging has concluded, at approximately 5:20 PM.

Judge and Steward Registration

If you have not registered and are willing to be a volunteer, please register by emailing bethany@takingthereins.org



  • The Horse & Harvest Brew Off is a BJCP sanctioned competition open to any amateur home brewer age 21 or older.
  • Beers must be entered under the name of all brewers who helped.
  • Beers brewed in commercial facilities are ineligible.

    Entry Requirements: Categories

    Categories being accepted at this event are available at the BJCP site and adhere to the BJCP 2015 Guidelines:  1B; American Lager, 12C; English IPA, 18 A and B; Pale American Ale and Blonde Ale and 21A; American IPA.

      General Notes

      • The 2015 BJCP style categories are available at the BJCP site.
      • The competition committee reserves the right to combine or split categories based on number of entries.
      • All entries will be evaluated by one judge.
      • All decisions of the judges and competition committee are final.

      Competition Officials

      Officials and Judges are TBD at this point. For registration or questions email bethany@takingthereins.org


      Contact Bethany if you’d like to sponsor our Brew-Off!