I’m sitting in the corner of the garden. I can hear Misty instructing a class. At the barn, Liz is discussing the next steps of a foundation class with Maria, Kaeli, and Sally. As my time concludes at TTR, I’m watching the growth of a new era and can’t help but feel excited for all the new phases happening around me.

TTR was a major influence when I was going through my own big changes. I had just moved to Los Angeles a few months prior and TTR was an impactful presence, helping me grow as a person.  It was through my riding classes and instructors that I gained more confidence in myself.  My gardening classes, especially the cooking aspects, allowed me to enjoy both friends and food as we worked together to create homegrown meals.

The time I got to spend with horses reconnected me with my inner child and with my grandmother, who rode when she was my age. In a time when I was going through big changes, TTR uplifted me and helped me become a person who I’m proud of. TTR has helped me feel sure of who I am in this moment. How many people can say that?

As I sit here, I can only hope that the students to come after me feel as fulfilled by their experience as I have. I’m so proud of my fellow seniors and the freshmen who are taking up the mantle. I’m so grateful to all my instructors, especially Misty and Liz, who pushed me to be better. I’m so glad I decided to come by today. It reminded me of all the good I’ve gotten from TTR. Just like the garden, we are all growing. That’s got to be one of the best lessons I’ve received. Thank you.