Introducing Ashley!

Ashley is seventeen years old and has been attending programming at TTR for five years. This is her second time competing at a VCHS show, and she was a Top 5 High Point winner at the inaugural VCHS show!

Ashley wants you to know that she loved having something fun and exciting to do during the pandemic and says ‘thank you!’ for supporting her!

Ashley competed with four different horses this show. ‘Gizmo’ is a twenty-eight year old Draft/Mustang mix and was Ashley’s Liberty Horse. ‘Knox’ is a fifteen year old Welsh Pony/Quarter Horse cross and acted as Ashley’s Showmanship horse. She competed in Saddle Seat Walk/Trot on ‘Scotty’, a seventeen year old Arabian (pictured above!) who has had multiple Regional and National wins in Arabian English Show Hack, Hunter Pleasure and many more! TTR is so thankful Scotty’s owners Alison and Caitlin Pigott of Highland Pride Arabians have loaned him to our girls for the past three years!

The TTR Show Team’s results will be announced on the video, available October 18th at 1:00 PM on Facebook Watch. Afterwards it will be available on our website and be a part of our publicity and press packages for years to come. Tune in and let’s cheer Ashley on together!

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