Mentor & Team Coach Program

Taking the Reins encourages and rewards participants who demonstrate extraordinary accomplishments in our four pillars: Responsibility, Confidence, Teamwork, and Leadership. Certificates can be earned in each area and the more that are earned, the more additional opportunities girls are provided.

Hippology & Judging Training

The girls in this program will gain extensive, detailed knowledge on horses including conformation, anatomy, veterinary practices, and much more! There is a lot of studying but the material is great – all about horses! Hippology & Judging Training is a great foundation (& requirement) for a chance to join the Region 2 Youth Judging Team.

  1. Complete two 6-week weekend sessions OR one 6-week after school AND one 6-week weekend session
  2. Earn the Responsibility Certificate in the Equestrian Program

Judging Competitions

The girls will get to travel to various judging competitions in California including Cal-Poly, Santa Barbara, etc. and compete against each other and other youth judging teams. These competitions offer great experiences for the Judging Team, in addition to providing some great trips!

  1. Complete eight Hippology classes
  2. Attend one field trip to Cal Poly Pomona

Judging Team

Youth will test at the Region 2 Horse Show in Santa Barbara held June 21st (overnight trip). Girls will take a 200 question written exam and judge (2) Halter classes and (3) performance classes. The top 6-12 kids will be selected to join the Region 2 Youth Judging Team and travel to Youth Nationals in Albuquerque, New Mexico (all expenses paid) July 22nd to 27th.

  1. Fulfill requirements for the Judging Competition
  2. Score in the top 6 at the qualifying Region 2 Horse Show
  3. Earn the Teamwork Certificate in the Equestrian Program

Advanced Sunday Lessons

These lessons are perfect for girls that want to learn more, be pushed hard, and maybe want to try showing. Girls are also able to learn bareback and English in advanced lessons. Held Sundays from 9 a.m. to 12 noon.

  1. Complete three 6-weekend sessions OR one 6-week after school AND two 6-week weekend session
  2. Complete one Intermediate/Sunday weekend session and do a riding demonstration for the advanced instructor
  3. Earn the Responsibility Certificate plus one other – Confidence, Teamwork, or Leadership – in the Equestrian Program
  4. Give a riding demonstration to the Advanced Riding Instructor(s)

Riding Competitions

Girls in this program are able to attend and learn about horse shows, with the hopes of one day participating in one.

  1. Complete one Advanced Riding Session
  2. Attend a horse show as a spectator either with Taking the Reins or independently
  3. Work a booth or volunteer at a horse show

Show Team

These girls are representing TTR in the show ring! Girls will get to travel to horse shows and participate in various classes with TTR horses.

  1. Participate in a riding competition (must pay for own class entry fees, which typically cost $50).


Being a mentor means that a participant has demonstrated mastery of the four pillars (Responsibility, Confidence, Teamwork, and Leadership) and possesses a drive to be a teacher and role model to other participants. Mentors are called on to assist in lessons in all programming, sharing their knowledge and skills, while furthering their personal growth.

In addition to earning all of the certificates, to be graduated into mentor status a participant must:

  1. Provide a letter of recommendation from a teacher, counselor, or mentor.
  2. Pass the Equestrian Exam
  3. Have a 2.0 GPA or better
  4. Have good attendance at school


Participants represent Taking the Reins alongside staff, Board members, and volunteers at venues such as schools, foundations, businesses, board meetings, special events, etc. Girls gain experience with public speaking and networking, while improving their communication skills.

  1. Graduate into Mentor status
  2. Participate in a minimum of three monthly tours, held every second Saturday of the month
  3. Demonstrate an active interest in public speaking and networking