On bad days …

I hope you are still enjoying the joy and relaxation of the holiday season with your loved ones. Many of us know that with the excitement and celebrations of the holidays also come reminders of empty seats at the table.

Our student, Tai – who you were introduced to last week – knows those dueling feelings well. When her family moved to the United States from Russia, they knew most holidays would be smaller. They left behind their extended family to come here.

“On bad days, I try thinking that a lot of people don’t have homes, parents or things they want in their life” says the wise-beyond-her-years teen. “I got to come to a better environment and country. I have my friends, my horses and my family. Things happen and tomorrow will be better.”

Many of our girls come from circumstances full of mostly “bad” days. Their time at Taking the Reins give them an opportunity to turn bad days into good ones.

As 2022 comes to a close, I am grateful for the bad and good days. Bad days are chances to make progress, and good days are opportunities to celebrate.

With your support, we can be there for our girls no matter the kind of day they are having. If you are able, please help us make our girls’ bad days better.