Taking the Reins Junior Board Hosts Career Fair

On Saturday, August 26, Taking the Reins’ Junior Board hosted their inaugural Career Fair. More than 30 careers were represented with professionals hosting booths, answering questions, and interacting with the guests. TTR and the Junior Board opened attendance to teens all over Los Angeles. The Junior Board was formed earlier in 2023, and the eight members coordinated all the details for this great event.

There were a variety of industries represented at the fair. Student attendees were exposed to careers in law enforcement, real estate, legal services, and veterinary medicine, just to name a few. Taking the Reins is extremely grateful to the people who donated their time to be there. Two TTR board members and two TTR parttime staff also hosted booths at the event.

“I was super impressed with how our girls put this event together,” Liz Aulestia, TTR Equine Program Manager and Junior Board advisor stated. “Of course, they had guidance from myself and other staff, but the organization and execution were all on them. I had many of the professional attendees compliment their efforts.”

Hosting community events was one of the goals for creating the TTR Junior Board. Taking the Reins staff and board members were excited about the girls’ desire to form a group like this. After their first event, many other staff and board members echo Aulestia’s statements.

Here is a list of careers that were represented:

  • Equine Veterinary Technician
  • Registered Nurse
  • Career Planner
  • Global Market Consultant & Counterparty Risk Manager
  • Artist
  • Special Education Professional
  • CEO
  • Attorney
  • Occupational therapist
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Bomb Detection k9 handler
  • Project Manager
  • Screenwriter
  • Farrier
  • Marine Corps. Officer
  • Professor
  • Cosmetic Chemist
  • Production Coordinator
  • Communications Director